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BetPlay Colombia

“Kambi partnered with BetPlay before the launch in 2017 and helped develop BetPlay's strategy”

Kambi-Powered operator BetPlay has been building a market leading position in Latin America for the past 2 years. Kambi decided to take a look at one of BetPlay’s retail locations,  The District Bar in Colombia, one of BetPlay’s flagship locations.

Since regulation in 2017 Colombia’s sports betting market has grown exponentially, exceeding analysts forecasts. Kambi-Powered Sportsbook operator BetPlay was able to take advantage of the new regulatory landscape to become the market leading Sportsbook operator in Colombia.

BetPlay and Kambi’s shared vision for offering players the best possible sports betting experience has resonated with the passionate Colombian sports fans, ensuring that BetPlay has been able to build a significant market share.

In this video Kambi took a look at one of BetPlay’s flagship locations at The District Bar in Bogota, Colombia.