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Powering the worlds leading operators (Kambi at G2E Las Vegas)


Formed in 2010, Kambi’s Sportsbook excellence has been developed over two decades, having previously been the catalyst for Unibet to become one of the most recognised sports betting brands in Europe.

Identifying a growing need for high quality Sportsbook provision, Kambi decided to become a separate entity and, leveraging its unrivalled sports betting expertise and technical capability, is now the market-leading provider to tier-one Sportsbooks across six continents.

In the run-up to ICE 2019, Kambi will be looking at the challenges facing the sports betting industry, as well as the flexibility operators will need to address them Kambi is the world’s preeminent sports betting supplier, powering the growth of some of the biggest gaming companies across the globe.

Max Meltzer CCO & Kristian Nylen CEO

The road to ICE

Over the coming weeks in the lead-up to ICE Totally Gaming 2019 in London, Kambi will be exploring how the industry continues to change and why operators must focus on the areas of differentiation that deliver the greatest value.



Visit this site to access podcasts, articles, video and more.  You’ll hear from Kambi executives on how they expect the industry to develop over the coming years, how existing operators can expedite growth with third-party partnerships and why the business models adopted by major US companies will likely lead to a wave of innovative products.


Sportsbook of the future

Change has arrived

In the modern-day sports betting world, UX matters, more so than any other time in the industry’s history. It’s not enough to offer just great odds to retain players.  Today’s sports bettor expects slick apps, intuitive navigation and quick and relevant markets.

However, the pressure to deliver these product improvements and keep pace with competitors is growing with each new regulated market entry, each new product innovation and with each new generation of mobile-first, instant gratification-hungry sports bettors.

In short, the industry today is far more complex than it once was, which makes running a successful sports betting business a more resource heavy challenge than what it was previously. When the landscape shifts, so must operating models to gain and maintain success.

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